M. spotted a pair of newly born kittens in front of our building, trying to drink the dripping water from the a/c. We went down with some fresh water and half a can of Newman’s cat food, which our Sasha just didn’t seem to take it well. One of them just wasn’t afraid at all. It gorged itself on the food, while the other was so afraid and ran away.

Meanwhile, some other strays were trying to copulate. How wonderful. I usally don’t like feeding the strays. Call me cruel, but what is it going to help anyway? Either you take them in, or leave them alone. Feeding strays is just going to make the situation worse. They are going to flock together and fight over the food. They live in the “wilderness” and the fittest survive.

These two poor little kittens, are they going to survive? Is the less timid one going to survive? Or the timid one? Perhaps the one who is less guarded will get killed first because it is not very aware of its environment. Awww how terrible it is for me to think that!

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