Beautiful Boston

I travelled on Acela for work to Boston yesterday. Getting up at 5am was so foreign to me, but I had to do it. Luckily, half a cup of (small) coffee did help. I was so careful not to drink too much coffee so that I wouldn’t go crazy all day.

So it turns out that I spent a beautiful day in Boston. The weather was so mild and gorgrous. It was wonderful to be driven down the river, looking at the beautiful hoses and green lawns. Newbury Street was so lively on a Wednesday afternoon. We had our lunch at Sonsie, sat at the front watching cute stops, cute people, and again, enjoying beautiful weather.

On the way back, I popped out my laptop and watched Hannah and Her Sisters. I am saying it yet once more: I am not a fan of Woody Allen, and I never really got into his films. But finally, I loved this movie. I love how the characters all tangled together, and with all the issues among them. Mother, father, sisters, friends, boyfriends, husbands, ex-es… Every relationship is nice weaved together, and into each other.

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