I hung out with B. yesterday and we went to see Saved! together. It was exactly what I expected, only better. It was a teen movie with a great edge. Before I saw it, all I’ve heard about it is that it’s really a satire on Christianity; and that it’s good. Well, on top of that, I realized that the cuties in the movie are truely eye candies — afterall it is a teen movie. I don’t think I have yet seen a movie that plays out the satire so well. It reminds so much of my own spiritual journey up to this point of my life.

The movie is more than beliefs and religions — it’s really about misfits and discrimination againt the ones that are different than us. How should we deal and live with people who are different than us? Are we going to change the misfits to one homogenous entity or to embrace everybody’s differences? I think the answer here is pretty clear in the movie. Not just another teen movie I’d say.

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