Music Update

I bought Etienne Daho’s Réévolution (2003) and I have already played it at least four times toninte. It’s so pop and fresh, I am going to sing to the for sure. If is a very interesting song, the lyrics is a poem — every line starts with “If” and ends with a “-if” word. So many if-s! Réactif, incisifs, successifs, motif, définitif, approimatif…

Thanks to O., Benin-born singer Angélique Kidjo’s Oyaya! is just beautiful. It’s full of a fusion of various music elements with the native African music root. It has It just sounds like something that I will listen to a lot for the next few days.

And now… I confess, I was a Take That fan; and I have no shame admitting.. A couple of days ago I was on a Apple Music Store shopping binge and I couldn’t help but bought two of their albums. I don’t mind buying them again, because I just wanted to listen to the songs so badly. So I am also on a Take That binge right now. My Madonna OD didn’t last very long; it was over after the concert last night.

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