I do think that Madonna’s current tour is much better than her last Drowned World Tour. We were there last night. It was awesome. I was so impressed by the broadcast design pieces. I do think that everything was intergrated together pretty well: the broadcast designs, lighting, choreography, narrative and the music. The screens on the back are so huge that they made very intense backdrops for the entire show.

I was extremely psyched that she sang a lot of her classics. I almost fainted when she sang Express Yourself, Crazy for You and, of course, Holiday. Some of the episodes were pretty smart, say when she was sanging “I’m gonna give it up… I’m gonna give it up…” to the icons of Jesus and Mary; or the Kabbalah prayers during Like a Prayer.

I do think that the whole show was like a revival, especially during Like a Prayer. Think about it: the mass was screaming and singing in a trance to her Like a Prayer while she was acting like a preacher, preaching her Kabbalah beliefs. It was pretty eerie at times, really.

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