Happy June

June is the last month that I can enjoy the mild and dry weather before the miserable summer arrives. I hate living in the city during summer, in fact, I hate summer in general. I hate the heat and the humidity summer brings, although being on the beach during summer with a leisure state of mind is of a completely different situation. No matter how less I dress, I sweat like a pig. It’s just annoying. I am not a summer person at all. Nonetheless, there are a couple of things to look out for in this summer that makes it more worthwhile. S. is coming to visit next week, it’s been two years since I last saw him, and how I missed him! I am going to see Madonna’s concert in the MSG in two weeks—now that’s exciting. I am really glad that I got the tickets. Then by the end of June, A. and J. will get married. I am so happy and excited for both of them. Also, I have signed up a few classes at the bindery, namely, “Collage Technique,” “Altered Book” and “Chinese Book Binding.” And of course, my b-day in July. But it seems like I am missing some form of travelling or summer vacation!

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