Hectic Crazy Days

It’s been ten days since I last blogged (the previous entry doesn’t count, it’s literally done a minute ago). Life has been really busy and hectice lately. We finally painted one of the kitchen walls a shade of mud color, which is called Eiffel Tower. Why it’s called Eiffel Tower, we had no idea. But we sure realized that with the new floorlighting and the painted wall, the kitchen looks so much more pleasant and cozy. It now has a character.

A. is back staying with us. We had a mellow celebration for her birthday yesterday. We ate at Bonita in Williamsburg. The food’s pretty decent. I had chilles rellanoes and a glass of white wine magaritas. The winte wine magaritas tastes really weird. It tastes like tamarind juice with booze in it. A. hated it, and I am not sure I will try it again. I baked her a flourless chocolate cake, I whipped it up in an hour. It was good, everyone loved it. It feels good when someone bakes you a cake for your birthday, you know? It feels even better when you have heavenly smooth whipped cream to go with the cake.

It’s the Memorial Day weekend and I am not going anywhere this year. One thing I am sure I will do is to eat my 20-pound seedless watermelon. I love watermelons. When I was younger I would scoop with a spoon the flesh from half of the watermelon. It would have chills because it’s so cold. Now, that’s an experience.

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