While we were on our way to do our belated grocery shopping, R. reminded us to sign up with FreshDirect. We meant to do it for a while already, but we never did. It was so gorgeous outside on Sunday, so I decided immediately that we should skip spending 90 minutes in KeyFood but sign up with them later that evening. There was no rush to complete the shopping list that afternoon. So we got to spend a beautiful Spring afternoon in Fort Green, and had an early road-side dinner at A Table.

I am a late adopter for online grocery shopping but I finally did it. It was an interesting experience. It took me a while to get used to their “aisles,” but it was a lot more easier to look for what I wanted. I searched for the items one by one down my shopping list and then I had my shopping cart full. When I walk down the aisles in the grocery stores, I tend to pick up a lot of things that I don’t really need. I found my first experience with online grocery shopping more goal-focused and less wandering, though it could be a matter of time before I click on things that I don’t really need.

It seems like online grocery shopping is a great service for stocking up food and groceries in the city. Without the convenience of cars and driveways, you just can’t buy a lot each time. You can only carry so much for a short distance. On the other hand, since there are so many grocery stores in the city, you don’t really need to stock up — you buy as your need goes. But who wants to stop by the grocery stores every day or every other day? Great, so now I’ll just pay a few more bucks and let them deliver. I will still go to the store to get a few items occasionally, but for large quantity of food, I am loving the experience already.

It’s pretty obvious that I have much better things to do than wandering around KeyFood for 90 minutes on a beautiful Spring afternoon.

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