Accidentally got it

It has arrived! My iPod mini green was delivered to me this morning by the UPS hunk. (He does remember me!) It’s really adorable. I was obsessed over it for the last few days since I realized that it was ready for shipping. I kept tracking the shipment. Anyway, I have been telling everybody that I “accidentally” bought it, and of course their responses were mostly “Yeah right.”

It’s said that the order for iPod mini were so backed up, the availabilty is six weeks if ordered from Apple directly. P. ordered it weeks ago and she jut finally got it. Various online retailers told me that they don’t expect to have stock until July. Then I decided to, oh what the heck, place an order on Amazon. Since it’s listed as “in-stock soon,” I assumed that I could always cancel the order at any time before it will be shipped in Summer. Two days later, I couldn’t cancel my order anymore because it was on its way already. I was surprised. So why did I place the order on the first hand? Was it accidentally? “Yeah yeah.”

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