The Abyss of Sin

“There is some real problem with that way of thinking. There is no abyss of sin to begin with,” R. says, “maybe we need to help them understand that.” I was telling R. online what a messy situation it was with M. and D. (a Catholic kind of messy, I emphasized), and he was very supportive, and that felt good. It was a slightly different viewpoint from the general crowd, I suppose. He apologized for the church for its attitude about the scandals by diverting attention and then pick on gay people and somehow teach people to dislike them. I didn’t realize understand why he would apologize until he insisted that he was part of it.

He pointed out that the Bible is very quotable as a weapon, as perhaps it was Shakespeare who said that even the devil could use the scripture. It’s definitely a very interesting thought indeed. He offered to help to speak to them. I wonder how they would react to that, maybe a heart attack. At the end of day, it should be all about love. Whenever there are aggravations, I have to remember that I love them.

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