Never getting off

When the V train was approaching my station this morning, I so didn’t want to get off it. People began to get up and walk towards the doors, they were anxiously yearning to get off the train and begin their Friday in the city, but I was so hesitant to get up. I thought, wouldn’t it be nice to just stay on the train and ride and ride, and never have to get off? No, I wasn’t thinking getting off at Coney Island, but I was thinking about never getting off. What if I can just stay on the train forever, and read my book? (I am halfway through Sullivan’s Rats.) It’s definitely a sign of not wanting to go into the office, but it’s more like a way to escape from reality. Well, I guess thinking about not wanting to go to the office is definitely an escape. Gosh, all is happening is that I am sitting on the training, merely riding and reading—it’s good to keep it the way it is.

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