While making the tuna pasta salad last night, I cut my left thumb while chopping the green peppers. Ouch. It was oh so expected. I knew this is going to happen one of these days. This is the third time I have cut my left thumb. Soon it’s going to fall off. (God forbid.)

I was 13 when it was the first time. When I was working on an art project for school, I cut my thumb while pulling the cutter knife down. Ouch. Since then I have been very concious about not cutting my thumb. Obviously it didn’t help. The second time was kitchen-related and it was around last year. And then, I cut my poor thumb again last night. My left hand has always been cut. I also have a big scar on my palm, which was a constant reminder how my nelophobia (or hyelophobia/hyalophobia). In case you wonder, it means the fear of glass.

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