Sad Day for Hong Kong

From NPR: China Rules Out Direct Elections in Hong Kong. There will no free elections in Hong Kong in 2007. Hong Kong residents will not be able to elect their Chief Executive in 2007. I have not been following the development of the negotiation, but I have read it here and there. When M. told me about this just now, I feel really sad. I feel so sad that I think I am going to cry. Not having the right is one thing, but being told that you don’t have the right is another. “You may not hold free elections in 2007.” It sounds very harsh. It saddens me. I never realized how much power it was to elect your own leader. I never really cared, until you were told that you do not have the rights. When Hong Kong was led by the colonial government and the appointed ones, and when the Chief Executive was installed by the Chinese government, it was all so like by default. Today, when you’re told that you may not hold free elections in 2007, it sounds really pathetic. Hong Kong “will be allowed to make gradual changes to its electoral process,” how long is it going to take before we have our own free and direction elections? Are we not ready yet? Hong Kong will never be told as ready, we’ll just have to do it, and make it happen.

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