Food and Abundance

Today is the fourth day of Chinese New Years. Festivities go on–I have so much left over from the celebration brunch party that I quickly jumped onto them since I got up this morning. Chewy sesame balls with red bean paste, turnip cake, sat-ay chicken, dumplings, fried tofu,.. I think I can survive without going out at all for the next two weeks.

I was so stressed out before the brunch party that I might not have enough food. Abundance is important during Chinese New Year celebrations. People work hard and deprive themselves (not that I was depriving myself last year) during the year and then celebrate the beginning of a new year with an abundance of food, lots of sweets, a clean house and new clothes. There are foods and signs that are homonymic to “higher”, “offsprings”, “fortune”, “money”, and “gold.” Obviously it turned out to be okay as I will be eating the same food for the next two weeks. Sounds like the longest Chinese New Year celebration I have ever had!

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