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Come to think of it, it’s been at least 10 years since I have put up the Michelangelo Antonioni archive.

Initially, I just wanted to build a site to put up all the great content and fimography I found at a festival in Hong Kong, but then I added a forum for people to discuss and talk about Antonioni’s work. It’s become a great resource back then. 

Ten years ago, there was barely anything on Antoioni’s work available on the “cyberspace”. I suppose I did break new ground then. Things are very different now. To begin with, we have IMDB and Wikipedia, there are blogs that talk about his work, and tons of sites that list writings and studies on his films. I haven’t done anything to keep the site updated, but I was still proud of the fact that I was there to supply information on Antonioni’s work when nothing was available on the Web back then.

When I watched La Notte on DVD a few months ago, it gave me the chill when I saw the URL listed on the screen. I was glad to be part of it.

I have decided to close the forum, because I couldn’t keep up with the spammers. It’s unfortunately. But there are also many places on the Web nowadays to discuss his films, so it’s time to move on as well.

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  1. Jack Says:


    Thanks, Dennis, for having the dedication to put up a site dedicated to Mr. Michelangelo Antonioni. I came to Antonioni in the early part of 2006 when I was researching Italian directors. Wow, was my impression when I saw Criterion’s DVD release of L’Avventura and how, stylistically, Antonioni was in a class of his own. I just recently saw “Il Deserto Rosso” (Red Desert) on a low-rez VHS quality bootlegged DVD that despite the poor quality transfer, the film is mesmerizing and bold in many ways. It’s a shame that Criterion can’t obtain the rights (at the moment, I suppose) for this little-seen film. This is an example of true cinema art that’s rarely seen today. Thanks, once again, for your dedication and best of luck to you…

    - Jack

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