N’oublie Pas Que Tu Va Mourir

The order from Amazon.fr finally arrived. It was my favorite movie of all times, N’oublie Pas Que Tu Vas Mourir (Don’t Forget You Are Going to Die). I believe it was 1996 when I first saw it. And then on my first trip to Europe, I stumbled upon and bought the soundtrack CD in Brussels. Apparently it was the CD that I listened to over and over again on my trip (and for years after). The music is composed by John Cale, the movie is directed by Xavier Beauvois, who also acted brilliantly in the movie. When I first saw it I was moved by it, and then the whole soundtrack-all-over-the-trip thing got me hooked to the emotions of the movie even more. It’s wonderful to watch it again, to read and understand more from it, and I could gladly say that I got more out of it than in 1996.

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