1 year old

Yogi 1 year old
According to the record from the animal shelter, Yogi was borned in April 2006 2007. It means that this month Yogi has turned 1!!!

They say that kittens are those who are under 1 year of age. In fact, it was really obvious to me when he turned adult. A few weeks ago, Yogi started to eat less. He doesn’t eat as much as he did when he was a kitten when he first arrived when he would eat non-stop. Now he just eats his portion and stops.

He has also been a lot calmer and more settled down than when he first arrived. He still intimidates Sasha from time to time, but much less. Unfortunately, Sasha is still very traumatized by him, and she is still very skittish and walks around with caution and hypersensitivity.

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