Yogi’s first picture

I received Yogi’s record from the shelter, with a picture of him when he was 3 months old then. He was a truly a baby then. His name was Cager at the shelter. Boy, Yogi is a much better name.

Update: He’s so cute and affectionate and everything… but he is still a brat towards Sasha. He just won’t back down and keep torturing Sasha. Most of the time I think I feel resentment towards him. Please work it out, folks!

Yogi’s first picture

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  1. Amy Says:


    He’s so cute. Poor little thing. I am so glad Anjellicle rescued him. Little sweetheart.

    Have you tried that pheremone thing that they sell which supposedly calms cats down? Some people say it works. I have a boy cat too, and he is very aggressive and pushy. Orange and white… I think they are very possessive of their owners! Hang in there, it WILL work out, I promise.


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