Not sure what to do

My old cat, Sasha, is not getting along with the new kid, Yogi. We have done the whole slow introduction and separated rooms thing, but it seems like Sasha is just too afraid of him. He is not particularly aggressive to her, I don’t think, but Sasha hisses and growls at his presence and cornered herself without doing anything (such as smacking Yogi and telling him to go away).

She is now terrified to get out under the bed, even to eat, drink and go to the bathroom. Last night, she finally came out cautiously, only until Yogi approached her (with his tail bristled downwards — not sure if this is aggression or fear, as we have found contradicting information), she growled and hissed, they fight a little and Sasha ran away. Yogi really acted like the dominant one now, as he would walk away from a tense moment. Later on, we had to lock Yogi in his room, and dragged Sasha out of the bed (with a lot of hissing and growling), before she would eat and drink like she’s been starved for days.

The situation seems to be getting worse, in the beginning she would still come outside and roam around but now she’s not. We are really starting to worry about her. We know that it takes time for them to get along, but the fact that she felt scared and mortified to come out and eat, drink, pee and poop really worries us.

We really love Yogi and he is so affectionate and friendly to us, he has got bigger even, we hate to see him go, but we can’t sacrifice Sasha also, it’s so unfair to her.

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