What I wanted

Browsing through the archive, I found sets that I wanted so badly, that I have keep flipping through the catalog inserts, fantasizing of owning. Of course, there were non-stop nagging…

I have always wanted a service station. I called it “gas station” then. I really wanted the tubes and the accessories from the set.

6371 Service Station (1983)
LEGO 6371 (1983)

6378 Service Station (1986)
LEGO 6378 (1986)

6394 Metro Park & Service Tower (1988)
LEGO 6394 (1988)

6990 Monorail Transport System (1987)
I was hoping to get this monorail system so that I could build a roller coaster. I would imagine building my roller coaster when I was flipping through the catalog (again and again) during bedtime.
LEGO 6990 (1987)

6399 Airport Shuttle (1991)
And the airport shuttle too… same idea.
LEGO 6399 (1991)

6374 Holiday Home (1983)
I wanted this set because I wanted the mailbox and the awning so badly.
LEGO 6374 (1983)

And the train sets. All of them. I couldn’t get any of them them because I was in my teenage years. My mom just wouldn’t get me any more of the city sets, she thought I was too old for them. She had no problem getting me Technics, but I still wanted to build cities and houses… so no train set for me until I was making money for myself later on.

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