My 3rd LEGO wave

Recently the LEGO brick celebrates its 50th anniversary and released a revised Town Plan set featuring 3 golden bricks. That, unsurprisingly, has ignited my 3rd wave of LEGO Googling and buying… (1st wave was when I was a kid, 2nd wave was when Mindstorm came out… that’s when I owned my first LEGO train set, believe it or not).

Anyway, I found the LUGNET user group, and they remind me some much of those good old times I’ve had, and those endless nagging of my parents to buy, buy, buy…

733 Universal Building Set (1979)
A set I distinctively remember that I have first owned. I had no clue if there were others before this, but this I remember so well. There were many nights mom would build this set together with me. I wasn’t very smart then to build the models following the exact instructions.
LEGO 733 (1979)

6080 King’s Castle (1984)
Apparently this has been a really popular castle set. It can open up and transform. I never really understood how to build it then. I’ve always loved loved the horses and the knights. Again, I remember that my mom helped me so much building it.
LEGO 6080 (1984)

6680 Ambulance (1981)
My parents might have bought this at a store near my school one day as a treat after a school day. I’ve always loved used the pieces from this set, especially the doctor and nurse little people…
LEGO 6680 (1981)

I have never really owned a real space or pirate set. I had some space pieces and models, but never an major space station set. I was never a space and pirate guy, but I was definitely a LEGOLAND guy. I would build cities and houses with rooms and amenities. I am still fascinated by LEGO towns.

Then it was Technics period when I was a teenager. Somehow, mom had some connection with distribution and could get LEGO sets at a discounted price. Lucky me, she bought me A LOT. A LOT. She got me the educational sets that were not sold in stores, as well as weird catalogs for schools. That was definitely the height of my LEGO-time.

8889 Technic Idea Book (1984)
This Technic Idea Book really made me want more, and it was a constant frustration that I couldn’t build the models they show, because I didn’t have enough parts. I suppose that was really a marketing tool…
LEGO 8889 (1984)

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