Yogi 2When our friend’s cat Fraidy passed away a couple of weeks ago, I was really upset by it. Now come to think of it, it has accelerated my idea of getting a new cat for the home. We have been thinking about getting Sasha a new companion for some time now, and we have looked at cats here and there. But the sad news about Fraidy has somehow turned on the activate mode.

When I saw Yogi on the website I was drawn to it and I said, “that’s the one.” When I got to meet him over the weekend I bonded with him even more. He is the one. Now come to think of it, it kinda gives me the creeps…

1. I really wanted an orange cat, not brown, not black: Fraidy was orange.

2. Yogi’s name starts with a “y”, Fraidy’s end with a “y”… I feel that Fraidy’s going to live on in Yogi. Fraidy-Yogi…

And I just got reminded that Skippy’s name ends with a “y” too… he was another orange cat who passed away years ago. I missed Skippy so much, and I was really sad about his passing away…


Am I just reading too much into it? Or just a mere justification?

Oh screw it, who cares. I just want to give myself more reasons to love this new boy!

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