Yogi fosteredWe are going to have a new family member arriving our home later this week!

I saw Yogi first on the adoption website, and I met him yesterday at the adoption event. He was a little scared, he hid under the cabinets. But when I picked him up and cradled him in my arms, he was a total sweetie. He was calm and soft. Man, I love this boy in an instant.

This was what I read about Yogi that made me want to take him home right away:

This cute little dude was going to be killed at the animal shelter for a broken leg, so he was pulled from the euthanasia list by our rescue. When he got to the vet, he began frolicking around happily. Nothing was wrong with him! The little actor really pulled one over on all of us. He loves to play and he loves to hide, but he also appreciates a good scratch behind the ears and will curl up in your lap for a night of couch-potato bliss. Like many vans, he’s fascinated by water, which is why there are so many pictures of him in the bathroom!

I don’t think I am going to change his name. He does have a face like Yogi Bear. But perhaps I will give him a Chinese name.

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  1. Rey Says:

    Yogi is a very cute name for a very cute kitty!

    Yucky’s name was Ula at the shelter where I adopted her. I had no issues changing it.

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