The wrost nightmare

nightmare 1What could be the worst nightmare? Being killed? Dying? Ghosts? I had a really scary one last night that could probably be good materials for a psychodrama.

First of all, it was meta. I was dreaming that I was having a nightmare, in other words, I was sleeping and having a nightmare in the dream.

The gist of the nightmare’s nightmare is that all episodes of childhood nightmares were being unzipped (that’s the analogy I used in it) and were playing out in my dream one by one (it’s really dreaming about them). So, my childhood nightmares were repeating one by one. There were a ton of them but now I hardly recall any. Well, they were supposed to be hidden and archived.

There is no proof for me to believe that they were real nightmares that I had when I was a kid. But in my dream, I am convinced that they are real: I believe that somehow, I have unleashed the deep hidden traumas and I was experiencing them one by one. It was just freaky.

In the dream, I began to make connections as to why I had those hidden nightmares and thought somehow they got unleashed and unzipped to tell me something; it was trying to help me to realize and learn about my childhood.

My mind probably does it for that reason, but I really have no clue.

At the end, I moaned (know how you can’t really scream in your dream, but really moan?) for help in the dream, and it leads to waking myself up in the dream, moaning, for real.

I can barely get the tenses right while writing this, it’s just bizarre and freaky.

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