Not a Very Pleasant Weekend

M. and I have been so sick this past weekend. This is the first time we got sick together and weren’t able to take care of each other very well. We both had an upset stomach and nausea. Both our stomachs felt bloated, we had no appetite, were tired and puked. It was all liquid that I threw up since I haven’t (couldn’t) eaten anything the whole day. M. got up in the middle of the night and puked. It was horrifying. I was so exhausted and lack of energy that I could barely stood up and spoke. I was so hungry and effortless. I assured myself that when I get up in the morning I would make myself a bowl of oatmeal and a glass of oj (or perhaps I should make egg whites). I was too afraid to jinx it so I couldn;t told M.In fact, I was also way too effortless to speak. Then I fell back to sleep and dreamed about driving in the rocky moutains and deserts in NM, and got lost.

So this morning I made myself a bowl of cinnamon-raisin oatmeal and served myself a glass of oj. I am still feeling pretty trashed and defeated.

The night before we went to the surprise party for L’s upcoming birthday. We suspected the food there got us sick, but it seemed that most people were fine. So where did the bug come from?

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