My favorite Japanese food

Here are my favorite items of Japanese food of all times:

Oyako don (親子丼)
Oyako don
It’s cooked chicken and eggs with onions and trefoil (三つ葉、mitsuba) over rice. It’s usually served in a bowl. It’s warm and savory, spicy with the addition of red chili powder. I think it’s the most comfortable and filling don ever. This is a recipe of oyako don.

Cold soba noodles (蕎麦)
zaru soba
There are so many different kinds of cold soba dishes, the most common kinds are zaru soba and ten zaru. When it comes with pieces of shredded seaweed (nori), it’s called zaru soba (笊蕎麦) and with the addition of tempura it becomes ten zaru. When eaten, cold soba is dipped into a bowl of tsuyu, which is a sauce made of dashi (出汁), sweetened soy sauce and mirin (味醂), with the addition of wasabi, scallions, and grated ginger.

Mochi (もち)
daifuku mochi
Honestly, any kind of mochi will do. But particular any kind of mochi with red bean paste (餡、an) in it is my number one choice. Such delicacies include Daifuku mochi (大福餅) and kusa mochi (草餅), which is sweet, chewy and yummy.

I generally love Japanese food, but these 3 are my staple items. How about sushi, sashimi or tempura? How about dorayaki? They are good, but none of them can compare to a daifuku mochi after a dish of zaru soba or a bowl of oyako don.

And in case you haven’t realized yet, they are all carbs.

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