iPod touch is jail-broken!

iPod touch jail brokenThanks to the 13-year-old jailbreaker and his partner, last night I successfully jail broke my iPod touch.

It was very easy and straight-forward. After using the TIFF exploit, iJailbreak successfully got in and installed the infamous “installer.app” application.

I then went onto install a few toys and utilities, as well as SSH. With SSH (plus a few Google searches), I uploaded the iPhone apps to the iPod via SFTP: Mail, Google Map and Weather, etc. And now my screen is full of icons and my iPod has definitely become a fun toy!

While playing with these fun apps, it definitely teased to think about getting an iPhone. No, but I will wait, at least until the 2nd generation comes out.

2 Responses to “iPod touch is jail-broken!”

  1. nicole Says:

    hey i have my ipod touch jailbroken, but where did u find the iphone apps like mail and weather etC?

  2. Jonathan Talavera Says:

    im 12 and i jailbroke my ipod touch with firmware 1.1.2 way faster than you did yours for sure (i used jailbreakme .com)

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