Yeah, moved.

So finally, after weeks of frustration and stress, we moved. We moved to Queens. Frankly, we will have to adjust. We have been living in Brooklyn for such a long time that we are experiencing a little bit of culture shock, even though it’s still New York City!

Boxes are everywhere in the apartment, as I simply have no energy and time to do a lot of unpacking. I am just so tired. The stress that this move has induced on me simply made me sick, literally. I am feeling sick.

However, we like the new apartment very much. It has great light, 3-side exposure, great view and of course, a huge amount of space. I love the kitchen, which has so much cabinet space to put things in. It’s truly a great apartment, and we are glad and relieved.

On a side note, I am looking forward to switch to green power for the apartment. There are so many green power providers to choose from, and I am in a daze. If you know anything about choose a green power provider, please let me know!!!

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  1. Rey Says:

    Congrats! And welcome to Queens! We can’t wait to see your place and will of course come by when you’re ready to warm your house with a hot dish or two.

    Let me know what you dig up about green power. We keep meaning to make the switch as well and never do.

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