Latest addiction – Organic Raw Kombucha

Organic Raw Kombucha
My latest addiction are bottles of organic raw kombucha. I never had tasted kombucha before, so when I first had it, I was like, what the hell? I thought I was drinking vinegar. It tasted weird. Mind you, it tastes like nothing you would expect to taste for tea. It’s actually kombucha, which is in short, fermented tea.

When you first open the bottle, it’s fizzy. The natural fermentation process releases carbon dioxide and makes the drink naturally fizzy. Oh, and traces of alcohol.

GT claims their kombicha to have positive effects such as “increased energy levels and decreased appetite, improved digestion, healthier skin and hair, and a stronger immune system.” And of course, these statements have not been evaluated by the FDA, and it’s said that it is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease, the whole nine yards.

It tastes really good. I love to fizziness and the vinegar flavor. If you find the plain ones hard to swallow, they also have to 5% fruit juice versions.

The only hunch, it’s like 4-5 dollars per bottle. It doesn’t come cheap!

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  1. Rey Says:

    Alex and I tried this stuff once and found it to be too intense! I usually like fermented things (pickles, tea, all of it), but I think the fermentation and the fizz and the intense flavor might be too much for me…

    Maybe we’ll give it one more try.

  2. Goddess Says:

    Make your own Kombucha. It is really easy to make, way cheaper than the bottled variety, tastes a heck of a lot better and is more beneficial by far.

  3. Aurorum Says:

    I drink Kombucha regularly! As a matter of fact, I found your post while doing a search for Kombucha!

    You certainly aren’t purchasing your Kombucha at cost. I only pay $3.39.

  4. val Says:

    Do you know if Kombucha is available in Paris, France? I have few friends who tried while were here and now got addicted to it. Thank you Val

  5. dennis Says:

    I think you should try to make your own! I was told that it’s easy!

  6. ben Says:

    hey Val — someone on the Facebook fan page for GT Kombucha lives in France and says they sell it there, but only the Natural flavor.

  7. Christy My Bliss Says:

    I think Kombucha amazine. When I drink it I feel alive. The energy I get from it is priceless. I may write a jingle for your first commercial…..

  8. Lynn Says:

    I wonder why I have been having stomach ache lately, would it be due to Kombucha? Never had that stomach problem before only since I started drinking it.

  9. laurie Says:


    i became addicted to kombucha and started drinking it 6 days/wk for the past 3-4 weeks. however, i’ve recently been feeling nauseous and i’m wondering if the kombucha has caused it. i stopped drinking it about 5 days ago and am still having nausea, mostly after i eat. has anyone else experience the same kind of thing? thanks!

  10. Paul Taegel Says:

    I drink kombucha all the time and love it more than anything. Anyone know the best way to make it? Place to get cultures?

  11. Paris Says:

    We purchased it at Henry’s in Monrovia, CA. for $2.50. I drink Kombucha faithfully 1-2 and sometimes 3 bottles per day. I believe in the medicinal benefits.

  12. Shine Says:

    The first time I tried it – I LOVED IT! Taste and feel – the whole 9 yards. I’ve heard many people say it’s vinegary – Some say, if you tast vinegar, it’s b/c your alkaline is not balanced???

    I’m personally waiting for the other shoe to drop. I’m definitely addicted, and that scares me. I’m seriously wondering if it’s the alcohol in it. I quit drinking years ago b/c of an alcohol addiction. I love the energy I get from Kombucha, but I’m concerned that too much of a good thing, may not be good. I was up to 2 a day, cut down to 1.

    Any red flags for you??

  13. Eva Says:

    I would like to ask do you have any shop with this kombucha in Poland???? Please tell me where can I buy kombucha??

  14. hawa kromah Says:

    where can i purchase this product

  15. Shine Says:

    I don’t know if Poland has it, but in the U.S. you can get it at Whole Foods.

  16. Tyler Says:

    To those who are buying bottles everyday, save yourself the money and make it! do a search for “kombucha mother” and follow the steps to make it yourself. All you need to get started is one bottle of raw kombucha tea and some sweet brewed tea. oh, and distiled water is preferred, but don’t buy it if it’s in milk jugs; the water will leach the HDPE. Grow the kombucha in a glass container as well or it will leach the plastic as well.

  17. Ran Kotobuki Says:

    I didn’t know it had any alcohol in it I bought some at the grocery store thinking it was raw fruit juice with a herbal additive like they put in sobe or something and I wasn’t carded, took it home took a sip and I was like man this tastes alcoholic and I read the label and I’m like well thats why!

  18. Aya Says:

    I experienced strong withdrawals when the GT product was pulled from stores. I was fiendish to get it. On facebook consumers are furious about the change in alcohol content in the original product. I don’t think this is normal behavior. Perhaps we are all addicted to the alcohol content in the product. I think its time for studies to be completed on the effects of human consumption. I definitely am aware of changes in my body metabolism until I have consumed a bottle. I even think my body is aware of the change in the alcohol content of the current product.

  19. Sylvia Says:

    Kombucha is good for the gut flora, but don’t drink too much if your diet isn’t optimal. It kills off bad bacteria (such as candida). The problem is, if you have bad chemicals (such as mercury) bound to the bad bacteria, it may be released back into your bloodstream when the bad bacteria dies off. If your diet isn’t very rich in nutrients and soluble fiber, you will experience side effects of those chemicals settling in your brain. Mercury is a very toxic chemical, and is a major component of dental fillings.

  20. Rachel Says:

    I brew Kombucha and drink Kombucha. The alcohol is nominal, even Muslims can drink Komucha. It is very cleaning for your blood and digestive system and a great alternative to booze on a night out or chatting with friends. I love it.

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