Dental dam

Dental damThis is not exactly the kind of dental dam you’d use for oral sex, though they are both a sheet of latex. According to Wikipedia,

The main function [of a dental dam] is to isolate the tooth being treated from its environment, in particular from the bacteria in the oral cavity. The rubber dam is held over individual teeth or groups of teeth by appropriate clips or threads (ligatures) along the edge of the gum. The tooth crown stands out from the rubber dam through individual holes made by hole pliers, and permits a clean and dry treatment of the appropriate tooth without admission of blood and saliva.

I snapped this picture when I went to see the dentist the other day and had a filling. My old filling fell off and the tooth had started to decay again. I will need to go back tomorrow to complete the filling procedure and possibly, a root canal, because the decay is too deep — very close to the pulp.

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