iMac unboxed

Yes, I do know that I am a geek. I am such a geek that I keep checking the status of the delivery of my new iMac obsessively every hour, until it finally arrived. Documenting the unboxing of my new computer probably won’t make me geekier.

iMac unboxed - 1
iMac arrived, boxed, longing to be opened. The ceremony begins.

iMac unboxed - 2
First, I retrieved and opened the accessories box.

iMac unboxed - 3
The Mac manual and the “Everything Else” package: CDs and warranty. On the top left hand corner, there is the cleaning cloth.

iMac unboxed - 4
iMac is ready to be taken out.

iMac unboxed - 5
iMac, still wrapped, sits on the desk.

iMac unboxed - 6
The wrapper seen from the back.

iMac unboxed - 7
iMac unwrapped, with the protective film.

iMac unboxed - 8
iMac is alive! I named it as “iMac2″. I have no doubt that OS X would run amazing smooth on this new machine, however, I really wanted to see how well Windows runs on it. Immediately I installed Vista on a seperate partition, and boy, was I amazed! Vista runs so smooth and snappy on the iMac. It supports the fancy Aero effects and has a performance index of 5.0!

So, who needs a PC anyway?

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  1. Rey Says:

    OMG – it looks awesome! Have fun!

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