land ladyIn my last job our office has been evicted numerous times. I have actually got accustomed to it and not to be afraid of it. This morning we got a notice delivered to us by the landlady asking us to vacate the apartment by the end of next week. The reason being, she wants to sell the building.

We are on a month-to-month rental and she would like get rid of us while the FOR SALE sign is standing obnoxiously in front of the building. What baffles and irritates me is that she didn’t even have the guts or courtesy to call us and tell us that she’d want us to leave. I was rather prepared to move, but what really upsets me is that she didn’t even treat us like normal human beings. Not even a call? She’s definitely one of the most horrible landlord I have ever encountered in my entire life. And she’s out of her mind to ask 2 million dollars for the crappy building. It’s probably going to take months for her to successfully kick us out, good luck to her.

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