Definitely a great find

Alvin Rover Mobile TaboretI almost never go to second hand store and buy stuff, let alone picking up anything thrown away and left on the sidewalks.

However, a few days ago, when we saw the black Alvin Rover caddy, we just couldn’t help it. We stopped, checked it out, and hesitated… since we would have to clean it up real good before, oh, sell it on eBay for like 200 bucks. But after all we grabbed it and rolled it home. It’s in a great condition, except it’s dirty. Nothing seems to be broken.

It’s been sitting outside my apartment door in the hallway for a few days now. I have been thinking, oh, maybe we should just throw it away, as I really didn’t feel like cleaning it. But all of a sudden this morning, I decided that perhaps I should really clean it up, and save it for myself. It seems like I can simply wash it down with soap and water, and it will be good to go. We shall see.

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