Pricey fruits

Summer time is always the season for yummy fruits. When I was growing up, there was always abundance of heavenly delicious fruits: watermelons, lychees, longans, rambutans, custard apples… and oh of course, mangoes and papayas.
3 fruits
God bless Chinatown, most fruits are always available there, though their prices are insanely high. $2/lbs for lychees (which are small and tasteless), $3.5/lbs for longan, and $8/lbs for rambutan. $8 for rambutan!? Are you kidding me? And no, I didn’t get the $8 rambutan, I just couldn’t do it.

2 Responses to “Pricey fruits”

  1. TA Says:

    And what about durian???

  2. dennis Says:

    But durian is not a summer fruit… it’s available through April and May…

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