Blah blah Harry Potter

Harry Potter and the Deathly HallowsI mean, I do read Harry Potter, I read each and everyone of the books and I saw every movie up to date. I even pre-ordered the last 2 so that I could get them on the day it was released. In fact, I am still reading the last one right now. (Harry’s gonna die, right? I am waiting for the moment that it’s going to be finally over!)

But it’s just a story book, people! Stop obsessing over it! A story book! Again: A STORY BOOK!

It’s a story, just like any other fiction. It’s a story about these wizards and their lives, friendships, struggles… A story! A story! It’s great that we all enjoy it, right, nice! Please stop obsessing over it and it sickening that so much money have been squeezed out from this Potter thing. Why must be make money out of every possible “phenomenon”? Why must we exploit everything people seem to like.

Too much is too much, can’t we just keep it a summer beach book and that’s it? Can’t we just enjoy flipping through those pages and call it a day?

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