Old J-Pop

During lunchtime, I stopped by BookOff in midtown to pick up some old second-hand (who knows, might even be third-, fourth- or tenth-hand) Japanese CDs.

miho nakayama わがままなあくとれすMiho Nakayama’s Wagamamana Akutoresu [わがままなあくとれす] (1993)
I owned this but it’s sleeping at my parents’ house. Believe it or not, it’s only 3 bucks, why not? 3 bux to buy and rip, it’s so worth it. It’s hard to believe that this album is 14 years old! This is crazy.

eisaku yoshida 少年のいた夏“A”saku Yoshida’s 少年のいた夏 (1990)
Another 3-dollar CD. I bought it just because it’s there. I’ll probably listen to it 3 times, and I probably won’t even bother ripping it. This one was released 17 years ago. I kid you not. I recently saw a picture of Yoshida, and sure he looks old now. He used to have such a young cute face. Not anymore, and he’s now an old man.

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