Sick of the Jesus Phone

I love getting new cell-phones, I’ve always wanted to get a newer and better one. Such a sucker, I am. Somehow, it’s not the case for the iPhone this time. Why, oh why?

I think they simply over did it for me. There is way too much hype around it, and it’s totally out of control. The whole thing just once again shows how our consumerism society works. (But definitely not excusing myself, though.)

People lined up for it, fine, I understand; but apparently there is a virtually unlimited supply. It has yet been sold out. Unlike the Wii, which has been really hard the get, it’s not the case for the Jesus Phone.

They also make it so easy for you to switch their exclusive carrier, Cingular, by integrating the activation process in iTunes. All you need to do is unpack your jPhone, plug it in and say goodbye to your current (if any) wireless carrier and stick with Cingular for 2 good ol’ years. Welcome suckers!

They hyped it up so much that even my Japanese teacher used the jPhone price and plan rates to teach the class how to say $699 and $59.99 in Japanese! It’s insane.

Since you need to activate it with Cingular to actually use it, Cingular must be so damn happy. It sickens me even more. It’s just a sticky fly tape… welcome suckers!

I’ll wait, perhaps when the 2nd generation comes out; or even when the unlocked version comes out. I hate these locked phone bullshits. I have always been buying unlocked phones.

Oh, and this picture… “Welcome suckers!”

jesus phone launch apple store SoHo
Picture of Apple Store SoHo from Gizmodo.

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