Why didn’t I study biology?

jove.com screenshotWow, Wired magazine featured JoVE in this recent issue. JoVE stands for The Journal of Visualized Experiments. Experiments are shown with narration and, of course, videos. Essentially it’s YouTube meets hardcore scientific experiments. Wired magazine calls it ‘methodology porn’. Wait, so is it XTube for science?

Would you like to see how bacteria is injected into the stomach of flies? Or how about dissecting the pupae to extract neuronal cultures from their brains?

It reminds me how much I love my science classes in high school. I have always loved experiments and labs. Why the hell didn’t I go to study biology in college? I love biology!!!

Enjoy this one: ‘Mouse Dorsal Forebrain Explant Isolation’
Warning: contains graphic dissection materials!

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