Espresso not coffee

stovetop espresso machine cross-section view
How come I can’t handle coffee (particularly dripped coffee) but I have no problem drinking espresso? I don’t get it.

Coffee nauseates me. The smell of it makes me sick. If I have a cup of dripped coffee from the diner I will become super hyper. If I have a cup of Starbuck’s joe, forget about it, I might just have to call 911: my heart will beat intensely, I will feel like I am going to have a heart-attack. I just can’t handle them.

But strangly, I have no problem with espresso, nor cappuccino, even when I have 2 cups of double shots espresso. The smell of espresso is actually pleasant to me, and definitely not nauseating. When I feel sleepy, a shot of espresso lifts me up lightly, and I don’t feel hyper from it, even my heartbeat remains normal. How come? I was told that dripped coffee is more acidic than espresso, perhaps that’s the reason why?

I love to make a nice pot of espresso with my stove-top espresso makers. I love the process and the science behind it. I would use a stove-top steamer to make steam milk sometimes. So much more work is required for that tiny cup of dark liquid. Forget about those automatic espresso machines that require only press-and-drink.

Oh, and with a scoop of vanilia ice cream and some almond brittle chucks, it’s another story…

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  1. ampersmith Says:

    I have one of those too, for travel. They’re cool and they do make a good espresso. I prefer espresso to drip coffee for the same reaons. Maybe it’s the acidty.

    Here’s what I use at home now. The manual lever pool takes some art and skill to pull a good shot. If you do it just right you get that rich ‘crema’ on the top of the espresso. Yum.

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