2 years

2 years. It’s been 2 years since the fire. Somehow it feels like it’s been more than 2 years, but somehow it feels like it’s just a few months ago that we had that experience. We survived, we changed, we grew and we still live. So much has happened since that drastic change forced upon us, yet we have been capable to adapt to anything that came our way since then. We might have lost things that remind of who we are, things that are valuable and percious to our dear hearts, but we haven’t lost our friends and families. They are still here, they are the ones who really helped us to survive and grow.

When I first arrived at the scene, firemen were hosing at the buildings:

The next day, our friends helped us to go through the rubble, to see if we can salvage anything. To this day, we still haven’t gone through them, which has been sitting in storage.

We went upstairs to see that our whole apartment has become a mess. Most of the walls in the front were gone.

Our apartment was practicially gone after the fire:

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