Future Fantasy

While I was dreaming last night, I had the urge to blog my dreams again. At an instance, I was almost compelled to compose my dreams so that I can blog some interesting episodes. This morning I realized perhaps I have exercised my brain so that I can not only remember my dreams but also stay conscious during dreaming. So here it goes.

I was in the future, with a couple of friends. I was shocked when I arrived, as the whole city (possibly somewhere called Hong Kong) was deserted. It was full of withered plantations, wet and humid. We saw old, empty and abandoned buildings everywhere. As we continued to explore, we found an elevator to go to the adjacent world, which was in the same situation but had some inhabitants in it. People told us that we had to go to the upper world to find something (or someone) if we want to help (to fix the ruined world).

We went back to the first world, and I discovered that I have a special vessel to use — a big life-saver like those you find in a water park. I flipped it up vertically, sat inside the hole and rode it like a monocycle, except in air.

We went up to the second world via the old elevator and, finally, there were people everywhere, as well as chains. I went into the Taco Bell and saw people wearing strange clothes, and they looked pretty grungy. A man followed me leaving the store and I had to escape with my flying vessel. Then I was flying all over the city, up and down, in the rest of the dream. I flew over buildings, trains and train tracks, oceans and cityscapes. The next thing I knew, I was moving building to building, and floor to floor, to clean up the coffins — remains have fallen out from their coffins and I had to put them back inside. On the top floor of one building, we heard little ghosts, we were afraid but we knew what we had to do — we had to lead them back to their parents’ coffins on the other floor. Before they reached the coffins, these little ghosts attacked us…

On the next episode, I had so much anger and I felt sick. I was in somewhere with a few friends from elementary school, and a teacher, J.L., from high school. I yelled at W.W. and slapped her in the face because they kept teasing me, and people were stunned. I ran away to leave them and then I bought Sandy Lam’s new album before I got onto the subway. Suddenly W.W. spoke to me, we were coincidentally on the same train. I felt strange. We apologized to each other and rode along, got out of the train, walked out to the station together…

I have nothing to blog but dreams. Perhaps this blog should be made as a dream blog.

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