Photo credit: Stephanie Berger for The New York Times

Nefés at BAM was awesome. This is my fourth Pina Bausch performance, and I think this is probably my favorite of all. The bubbles, the water, the shower, the hair-slapping, and of course, the gorgeous dancers, are all unforgettable (without revealing too much here).

As usual, the piece is full of repetitions. What would be Pina Bausch without repetitions? Elements are repeated not only throughout the piece, but across the pieces as well: the tiny Ruth Amarante is tossed around again; Nazareth Panadero screams and maks people laugh; male dancers fly onto the table, collapse over a chair onto the ground; female dancers play with their long hair…

The best part is when the female dancers are moving back and forth the stage with an overlay of lighted screen, they move ever so gently, they are barely visable as they are hovering around the stage. The finale is memorable and breath-taking. All the dancers line up on the floor and move along… repeating the same movements for which seems like forever.

By the way, it was the Next Wave Gala tonight, people were all dressed up and everything. And I spotted Claire Danes, with her super-skinny bare back and long blond hair, chatting away with everybody…

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