Inland Empire

We saw Lynch’s Inland Empire last night at the IFC Center. It was like a dream, I mean, a bad dream. Not that the movie was bad, not at all, but you know, when you have a dream, when nothing makes sense, especially when those ridiculous events and people start popping up and scare the shit out of you? That’s what the movie is like. It’s like going through a 3-hour nightmare. It confused me profusely, and scared me shitlessly.

I probably won’t see it again, even though I would love to see it again to try to get a little more out of it, to make sense of it a little bit more. I won’t see it again because I don’t want to have an another nightmare. Not one nightmare I had in my life confuses and scares me so much as Inland Empire. Man, I am not kidding.

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