I got it.

Yes, I did get a Wii. After hours and hours of obessing over discussion boards and web stores, and after the failure to grab one at Nintendo World even though I arrived at 5.20am, I gave up to Craigslist. But now I am Wii and happy!!!

A few sites to get started:
1. Game saves: wiisave.com
2. Mii friends: miipages.com
3. Wii updates: wiivolve.com
4. IGN: IGN.com

5 Responses to “I got it.”

  1. fastlad Says:

    I’m totally impressed.

  2. dennis Says:

    someone actually leaves comments on my blog, I, myself, am totally impressed as well.

  3. Nintendude Says:

    Heya! I was browsing for WiiVolve on Google and I found this page ^_^ Thanks for recommending my website (yes, WiiVolve is mine). Congrats on your Wii find!

  4. Nintendude Says:

    I’m impressed too. But only because you actually chose my website for “Wii Updates”. Thanks for that =)

  5. red text space » Blog Archive » Cooking Mama! Says:

    [...] Since the launch of the Wii, I have been waiting and waiting for Cooking Mama to come out. I was so looking forward to using the Wii remote to cut cucumbers, slice chicken, make pasta, stri-fry, make cream puffs… It just seems like a heck lot of fun. To be exact, silly fun. So it finally came out yesterday and I got it. I can’t wait to go home and hear that seriously Japanese-accented female voice keeps saying, “Better than mama!” [...]

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