From Life & Death to Trauma Center

Back in 1988, like almost 20 years ago, my first PC game (DOS really) was Life & Death (醫生也瘋狂). I was terrible at it, perhaps I was still trying to understand how to use a mouse. It was an awesome simulation game at the time. Now the most anticipated game that I have with the Wii is Trauma Center: Second Opinion. The same kind of doctor simulation game in millions of colors instead of 4 EGA colors.

The idea of Life & Death is that you have to observe the patients, give a diagnosis, then either precribe medicine, order a rest or surgery. If you fail, the patient will die and you will have to go to a class to get re-educated.

I can’t wait to get my Wii so that I can play doctor killing people again, after almost 20 years…

life and death 1

life and death 2

life and death 3

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