Where will (can) you get your Wii?

WiiI have absolutely no idea. I am kinda disappointed that I missed the pre-order at Toys R Us this past Sunday. I read about it around 11am that day, but I figured by the time I schelepped into the city it would be all sold out anyway. Why bother even trying if I wasn’t camping out the night before. This is such a joke. And of course there is no way I am going to buy a receipt for over 600 dollars on eBay…

It’s all madness. It seems like the Target in Target in Gateway Dr has the largest quantity of Wii available at the launch. They have 210!!! Maybe I should consider camping out at Target’s parking lot overnight?

And here is a Google-mapped Wii spotter. Truly seriously absolutely maddness. Madness!

Of course, I definitely don’t need it right away (who does “need” it right away, anyway!?), and I am sure that there will be plenty on the way and the holiday is getting closer. What a fucking marketing hype the big N pulled…

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