Celebrity Sightings

Well once in a while I would see a number of celebrities in a row by being in the city. I was walking down 7th Avenue towards the village, and right at the intersection, a familar face brushed by. No it’s not Tim Robbins (not yet, be patient), it’s Bobby Flay. Boy, does he have a big double chin!? He was not as tall as I would imagine. Well, though he is definitely not one of my favorites on the Food Network, he does a great smile, which I can credit him for. My favorite Food Network start is still Tyler Florence, whom I have met on the subway once sitting right across from me and looking right at me.

tim robbinsAnyway, back to last night. Shortly then, I arrived at Joe Jr. Restaurant on 6th Avenue, greeted MG at the bar while he was finishing his coffee and a piece of coconut cake before we could head out for a proper dinner. I took the stool next to him. MG was acting weird. He said quietly, “I’ll tell you later.” I thought something must be going on with the mama hostess and the daughter or something like that. Fine. I figured she must have given him that piece of coconut cake, because, why the hell would he order a piece of cake right before dinner? That’s just absurd.

Then a huge plate of stuffed-cabbage-meatloaf-with-mash-like food arrived at the patron next to MG. “It was a huge plate,” I thought. And then I started looking around. “Wait, it can’t be him, can it? That profile…” I thought the guy sitting right next to MG looked like Tim Robbins. He was wearing a green shirt. He has an adorable yet aged profile. And he turned to me and smiled (well I don’t think he was exactly smiling at me, he must be smiling at the hostess’ daughter who was talking loudly right next to me). It’s definitely Tim Robbins! His adorable face!

So with this, I have encountered Tim Robbins face to face twice!

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