Monkeytown rocks

This past weekend C. was en route from Paris to San Diego to visit her sister, and spent a few days in New York with us. We had so much fun together. I’ve always wanted to meet her, after all these years of hearing her name in numerous conversations.

Anyway we had a lot food, good food. She even made awesome crêpes for us, with heavenly Nutella and “orange et sucre”. On the last night of her stay, we went to Monkeytown in Williamsburg.

It was awesome.

Monkeytown is this new venue in Williamsburg for a unique dining experience with giant video projects and intimate seating. Well I guess this is not such a new concept, there is the Screening Room in the city. However, Monkeytown is unique because not only the food was a kind of new American cuisine, but also the alternative/experimental pieces they show.

The night’s program was one of the “Surf and Destroy: Surfer-made films vs. Hollywood’s version” nights. It was bizarre but definitely a lot of fun. 4 screens playing surf movies around us and it was way cool.

Oh a couple of more niches: rose & pomergrante cheesecake, chocolate curry mousse, and dedicated music contributed to their bathrooms.

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