Stay Well

Our neighbor downstairs has gotten really sick over the last week. We haven’t really met him officially, nor do we really know him. When we first moved into the apartment, they told us that he is very sick. Well, the few times that we saw him he seemed like a regular, husky and okay middle-aged man. We didn’t know what was wrong with him. All we know is that he is said to be very sick, not at home a lot, and goes to the local bar.

Last weekend they came by and dropped off an oxygen machine and a hospital bed. We happened to see the nurse when she knocked on the wrong door. Apparently something is going not so good. It suddenly dawned on me that maybe he has a terminal cancer or something. Now it all makes sense.

It explains why he’s not at home a lot, why he looks apparently healthy, and why he still drinks when he is said to be very sick.

Someone left a rose at the front door wishing him well. We prayed for him to wish him have an easy time.

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