Antonioni in Brooklyn!

Being a Brooklynite, I am so psyched to know that there will be a tribute to Antonioni at the Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM) this coming June.

Titled “The Vision that Changed Cinema: Michelangelo Antonioni,” it will showcase 16 of Antonioni’s major feature work, as well as shorts and a couple of films on Antonioni.

Enjoy a WHOLE MONTH with Antonioni’s masterpieces. BAM runs these movies a few times a day. My fantasy is to watch them all everyday but it’s most unlikely. But I am going to catch the rare ones, especially hung Kuo Cina. A couple of titles that I want to see again are Oberwald and my all time favorite Identification and Zabriskie Point.

Here is the run down:

6/7-13 – Blow Up
6/9 – I Vinti (The Vanquished)
6/12 – Antonioni Shorts 1943-1953
6/13 – Antonioni Shorts 1983-2004
6/15 – Cronaca di un Amore (Chronicle of a Love)
6/16 – Il Grido
6/17 – L’Avventura
6/18 – La Notte
6/19 – Chung Kuo Cina
6/20 – Le Amiche (The Girlfriends)
6/22 – La Signora Senza Camelie (The Lady without Camelias)
6/23 – Zabriskie Point
6/24 – L’Eclisse
6/25 – Deserto Rosso (Red Desert)
6/26 – Il Mistero di Oberwald (The Mystery of Oberwald)
6/27 – Identificazione di una Donna (Identification of a Woman)
6/28 – Al di la Nelle Nuvola (Beyond the Clouds)
6/28 – Making a Film for Me is Life (1995), directed by Enrica Antonioni; Antonioni Visto da Antonioni (1978)
6/29 – The Passenger
6/29 – Antonioni: The Vision that Changed Cinema, directed by Sandro Lai; L’Ultima Sequenza di Professione Reporter, directed by Andre S. Labarthe

I am so damn excited that you won’t even believe it! Thanks BAM! You rock (always)!

Shit, just realized that I will be down in the Lowcountry when Chung Kuo Cina screns. Now I am pissed, really really pissed. I wanted to see that one for years since… fuck!

(Adapted from my posting in the Antonioni forum.)

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